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      Zhongshan Nenghe Green Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd.
      一、企業的愿景 Enterprise Vision
              成為熱收縮薄膜行業的領跑者, 成為受社會尊重的企業。
              Being the leader of heat shrinkable film industry and becoming an enterprise with social respect.

      二、企業的使命 Enterprise Mission
               With our product, more environmentally friendly.

      三、企業的經營理念 Enterprise Business Concepts
                為顧客創造價值, 為員工創造機會,
                Create value for customers, Create opportunities for staff,
                為股東創造利潤, 為社會創造財富。

                Create profits for shareholders, Create wealth for the society.

      四、企業的價值觀 Enterprise Value

      五、企業的精神 Enterprise Spirit
               Positive heart、Positive mind、Positive action

      六、企業的質量方針 Enterprise Quality Policy
             Only quantitative change can leads to qualitative change, Ensure the quality、quantity and delivery.
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