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      Zhongshan Nenghe Green Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd.

                  The General manager of Zhongshan Nenghe Green Packaging Technology Co., LTD., Mr. Chen Zhushen was born in Yangchun, Guangdong. In 1995, he is determined to start his career. He has  ever worked in toy, glasses and textile printing enterprises. In 1996, he worked in the PVC plastic factory as the basic level staff. Then he worked as a technician and a salesperson. In 2000-2001, he found two plastic factories one by one with his partners, but failed at last. In 2002, he found Zhongshan Xiaolan Zhushen plastic packaging factory. He is stick into the field of plastic packaging film for about 20 years.
                  In 2013, Zhongshan Nenghe Green Packaging Technology Co., LTD. is set up, located in Dongsheng town,Zhongshan city, which has the good fame of Crisp Wrist Fish Town and is the city of former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen with convenient transportation. With the environment protection as the dominant, Nenghe is specialized in the producing of POF environmental heat shrink film、POF soft low temperature shrink film、POF heat slip shrink、POF ultra-thin shrink film、POF anti-fog shrink film and food packaging POF shrink film,etc.And the annual output is more than 10,000 tons, which is sold to all over the world and exported to Hong Kong,Macao,Europe,the Americas,Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.Products are widely used in various fields.
                  Nenghe has a group of experienced,skilled professionals in the development of new products and research,equipped with advanced precision manufacturing and testing equipment,using international advanced film blowing multi-layer manufacturing process.At the same time,with the scientific management concept,integrated best talent,with a scientific and accurate organization,to stimulate the largest enterprise talent together,with high-quality products and perfect service system,Nenghe has won a wide range of domestic,and the steadily improved sales.
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